The Ahegao universe for all

Our clothing collections are as much for men that for women and for all occasions and conventions.

You have cosplays ? We have planned for you because our product ranges are matched with the world of Japan and manga !

Ahegao hoodies t-shirts Pima cotton tie dye marled long sleeve tee cropped placket knits gingsham sportwear slouchy tri blend bow ties pocket tee and floral pint

The erotic-Japanese: Exclusive clothes

From T-shirt to socks: Sweater, hoodie, tracksuit, skirt, shorts, or even coats related toAhegao and cosplay for glamorous look ou relaxed .

Do you like sexy lingerie? We have some Underwear Ahegao perfect for you or your partner ...

Ahegao hoodie

Ahegao & Garbe-robe Collection

The Beginning of our Ahegao Boutique

Since August 2019 we are a young company offering clothing & accessories ready to wear on the theme of the Ahegao and cosplay. Our headquarters are in the heart of France and we already have more than 750 satisfied customers.

Think big for 2020!

Our future range of articles

Shirts, scarves, sweatshirts, news ahegao shoes , fitted vests, t-shirt with a collar and sizes of course XXL : we are going to do our part this year ... Our objective is also to turn more and more towards light materials and flexible like the lin and cotton full. So much forAhegao feminine that for theMale ahegao ! We're going to do : Tops, Dresses, Tees, sleeve, styles, Ribbed, Outwear, henley, sleepwear, nightwear (maybe), Polos, pyjamas, joggers, blazers, all for kids, Long sleeved, Mock neck, cotton jersey, zip up, Backpacks, Jacquard, Boxer briefs, Loafers, Boxer briefs, graphic tee shirt 3D, crewneck, colorblock, and much more for the future !


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