Animated conventions prohibit participants from wearing ahegao or similar clothing

Three different animated conventions in the United States have announced new policies specifically prohibiting participants from wearing Ahegao print clothing, citing reasons such as "reactions from staff, participants, guests and the industry" or the "social climate" to ban them.

As you know, "Ahegao" clothing refers to items such as t-shirts or hoodies that carry multiple cropped images, taken from various hentai doujins, "Ahegao" face characters, a facial expression which is characterized by eyes rolled back and a protruding tongue, as in many manga and anime for adults. These items have recently gained popularity, as many have started wearing the t-shirt as an ironic joke or in response to the growing number of adult complaints of clothing such as ours of course .

ahegao english colorado convention prohibited ban
The January 15, the Colorado Anime Fest became the first convention to officially announce a ban on ahegao clothing, declaring that it "will not allow ahegao clothing or similar clothing with graphic sexual images to be worn at the place of the convention".

Sad news for the ahegao ... Fortunately we are here to provide first aid and give you the courage to wear our clothes.

Good Ahegao to you!

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