Tesla launches Ahegao car style with its new cybertruck

ahegao cyber truck hentai Tesla

Tesla officially launched its 100% electric open body all-terrain utility vehicle still produced entirely in the United States.

After their conference 200 pre-orders have made for this model enough to make other car manufacturers jealous!

The Cybertruck should be available in a variety of versions ranging from a base model to a single engine with a range of up to 400km for the all-wheel drive model with three engines capable of traveling 800 km between charges. In addition to that Tesla has announced that it will offer a special "Ahegao" filling in limited quantities.


What specialties has Cybertruck "ahegao" and how much does it cost?

ahegao cyber truck hentai Tesla


People interested in the Cybertruck Ahegao can book one at special price of $ 69 (i.e. 62 050€) and production is expected to start in 2021.

The Ahegao Cybertruck will be fitted with Tesla's allegedly unbreakable glass, which are available on all models. The durability of the windows was demonstrated at the press event when several participants instinctively started throwing objects at the vehicle when it was brought on stage.

Has a fully wrapped body et covered in female manga in full orgasm, the trim will be very different from that of the stainless steel panels of the regular, cleaner models. The Ahegao edition will be based on the dual engine trim and will be delivered with several other additional features not found on other models such as Dakimura seat padding and a set ahegao stickers that drivers can affix to their rear windshield.

Each order from Cybertruck Ahegao will also be accompanied by a table sheet with a six-digit number corresponding to each side printed on the body of the truck, which can cause confusion.

"Those interested will know what it means ...", said Elon Musk, to the participants of the announcement.

Although the truck has been criticized for its style and that it drew a number of unpleasant glances from the participants during its unveiling, interest in toppings seems to be quite high. Tesla did not want to disclose the pre-order numbers, but said that the initial waiting list for the vehicle was already almost at capacity.

You can if you have the budget order it directly on the site of Tesla !

Elon musk aheao hentai tesla

source: Reddit

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