Belle Delphine: The model posed with a dead octopus, Did she go too far?

Belle Delphine & Ahegao


Delphine is known for its facial expression d'Ahegao, a term that describes the exaggerated look of fictional characters.

The 19-year-old Instagram model saw her account closed in July, just a few weeks after being infected with a "virus" for selling her bath water Has Gamers thirsty for 30 dollars a jar.

Belle Delphine, British cosplayer famous for his provocative photos, has been on Instagram since 2015. But the bath water cascade, combined with an earlier gag involving Pornhub, propelled it into the limelight this year.

Before the closure of her accounts, Delphine had 4,5 million Instagram followers. She also has nearly 4 supporters on Patreon, where anyone who agrees to pay US $ 400 a month or more can see her "obscene HD photos", and those who pay US $ 25 or more per month have access to his Snapchat, which is described as his "naughty social media".

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His two Instagram accounts were closed in July in what the photo-sharing app attributed to a rule violation, although the company refused to go into details. This goes against previous speculation that it could have been the result of a mass reporting campaign.


Belle Delphine & The Octopus

Here's everything you need to know about the Instagram star Belle Delphine :

Belle Delphine is a 19-year-old model from the United Kingdom who has built an important social network since she started posting content on Instagram in 2015.


"Ahegao is a term of Japanese erotic describing an expression facial fictional characters during the sex, often used in video games pornographic, the sleeves and animated. "More information here)


In other articles, she uses provocative accessories, including an infamous video of a dead octopus, titled "Meet my best friend".

Delphine also operates a YouTube channel with nearly 600 subscribers. However, she only posted three videos there.

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 Ahegao Belle delphine and her octopus / octopus

PewDiePie joked in the video saying that he would sell bottles of his bath water for US $ 29, which is a drop of US $ 1 compared to Delphine's price, but no bottle of bath water. was sold again in his merchandise store.

Although Delphine's Instagram was closed in July, her Twitter, YouTube and Patreon accounts remain online as of this writing.


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