Ahegao: Definition and culture

What is ahegao?

Etymology and history of Ahegao

In the name, "Ahe"comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia of"Aheahe"(ア ヘ ア ヘ) describing the shortness of breath of the woman in the sexe and his sexual arousalAnd "Gao"(顔) means"faceAccording to an article in the "Nico Nico Pedia" forum on Ahegao, it is confirmed that the term had already been used in magazines pornographic to just explain the face of fun actresses porn in the early 1990s. Used in the same context, he has also appeared on a handful of posts in 2channel and its forum community for adult content BBSPINK along with descriptions of pornographic videos on adult e-commerce sites in the first half of the 2000s. The oldest existing 2-channel post that includes this term was posted in a discussion thread in / company / ( 4chan) November 4, 2001.

Meanwhile, according to the 2008-2009 Japanese blog weblato's blog "Ahegao History"And"Ahegao Chronology"(below), and" Chronological Analyze of The Ahegao Genre in Adult Games "by Himajin no Dabun, it was around 2003-2005 that some creators of manga and hentai anime introduced extremely exaggerated representations of Orgasms abnormal women by reports unwanted sex, pure BDSMs, rape or other sexual violence. Another blog post from Bar Rikashitsu no Bibouroku suggested that Japanese painter Suehiro Maruo had already introduced this kind of representation in his works in the early 1980s.

Ahegao in the current sense of the term was formed by the increase and evolution of this style of drawing in the mid-2000s, and its dissemination to the otaku community via 2chan, 2channel / BBSPINK who became the host of thematic threads Ahegao in mid-2007, and matome blogs reprint threads in these online communities. And around 2008, it became widespread enough to be recognized as one of the famous drawing techniques for Orgasms. The first anthology of BD doujin "AHE" on the theme of Ahegao was released in the winter of the same year (Below, left). In 2010, the main publishers had published anthologies of comics on the theme of Ahegao (see below, center) as well as in its first half and even pornographic videos have occasionally become facial expression ( see below, right), as well as the popularization of hentai fetishes in real life in the sex industry.


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Trend of social networks and ahegao face

Historically, the story started from an image of patchouli posted by Yukiman in 2008. The character Touhou is represented with the famous expression. A few weeks later many heads were drawn which popular face until 2018.
The trend was carried mainly by the instagramer Belle Delphine
and continues to be perpetuated on instagram and also by the emergence of the social network tik tok (social network of short videos). Girls in cosplay making this face and going viral to the point that Belle_Delphine had her Instagram account removed as well as the hashtag #ahegao deleted from some social networks like tik tok. Despite everything, the trend has not diminished since then and has even gained momentum!

Etymologically another term that resembles ahegao is ikigao.
Aussi ahegao should not be confused with ahoge which is a stray hair that comes loose from the rest of the hair of a character popularized in the anime series "Love Hina".

Online relevance of the ahegao face

In the context of the great popularity of the community otaku, which developed in the late 2000s, Ahegao has gained a lot of visibility online as a hentai art technique and fodder for parody illustrations. At its beginnings, Ahegao had been a popular style in the Collage culture on 4chan. And the Japanese illustrator communities Pixiv and "Nico Nico Seiga", which were launched around the same time, were popular sharing services Ahegao since he started. In June 2017, Pixiv had more than 20000 illustrations labeled under Ahegao, and "Nico Nico Seiga", which does not have the adult section, also has a lot of illustrations with the face.

On the Western web, this particular facial expression is called not only the original name, but also the translated terms "Fucked Silly Face"Or"Mind Break Face". Tagged under these names, many illustrations of Ahegao were drawn by users of Deviantart, and reused on Tumblr and Danbooru. The article in" Urban Dictionnary "and the sub-reddit / r / Ahegao of Reddit were published in June 2010. In addition, the Instagram hashtag also contains tons of selfies from Ahegao by otakus et cosplayers. (Link of a song about this theme)

falacious and ahegao face

The internet and its culture for the ahegao

Ahegao culture has always progressed both on social media and as well as in real life.

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