What is Ahegao?


Ahegao is a Japanese term depicting the face of a man or a woman during orgasm usually by pictures, drawings or videos.
Some may associate it with erotic manga (hentai).
It can be characterized by a tongue sticking out face with often convulsed eyes.
Etymologically in Japanese the ahegao is "face in orgasm" or "face orgasmic during the sexual act".
Many people characterize this content as pornographic:
Although it is close to hentai it is closer to eroticism since no part of the body is naked visually. The art comes only from the content of the face or the head stopping at the bottom of the blow or at most at shoulder height.

 face wearing ahegao <3



Historically, the story started from an image of patchouli posted by Yukiman in 2008. The character Touhou is represented with the famous expression. A few weeks later many heads were drawn which popular face until 2018.
The trend was carried mainly by the instagramer Belle Delphine
and continues to be perpetuated on Instagram and also by the emergence of the tik tok social networks (short video social networks). Girls in cosplay making this face and going viral to the point that Belle_Delphine had their Instagram account removed as well as the hashtag #ahegao deleted from certain social networks like tik tok. Despite everything, the trend has not diminished since and has even grown!

Etymologically another term that resembles ahegao is ikigao.
Aussi ahegao should not be confused with ahoge which is a stray hair that comes loose from the rest of the hair of a character popularized in the anime series "Love Hina".

falacious and ahegao face

The internet and ahegao

The culture of ahegao has always progressed both on social networks and as well as in real life.

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Link of a song talking about this theme

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