Qu'est ce que l'hentai ? | Ahegao.fr
What is hentai?

If you are an anime fan, then chances are you have come across the term "hentai" before or are looking for the defined one ...

L'Ahegao : Définition et culture
Ahegao: Definition and culture

What is ahegao? Etymology and History of Ahegao In the name, "Ahe" comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia of "Aheahe" (ア ヘ ア ヘ) describing the Suf ...

Qu'est ce qu'un dakimakura ? 🧸 | Ahegao.fr
What is a dakimakura?

Dakimakura: Definition A dakimakura (抱 き 枕) is a long pillow with a printed design native to Japan. The name literally translates to "...

Qu'est ce que le Gesugao ?
What is the Gesugao?

Gesugao (ゲ ス 顔 in Japanese) is a term for a facial expression often found in anime and manga to portray various people ...

Qu'est ce qu'un ecchi ?
What is an ecchi?

Today a new term that we are going to teach you or remember: ecchi! A term very popular with weebs and anime fans of all ages ...

Qu'est ce qu'une Waifu ?
What is a Waifu?

Waifu? In the 2000s, Waifu acquired a more specialized meaning in the English-speaking anime and manga culture. In the anime ...