Ahegao hoodie

First presented in March 2018: the first model ahegao hoodie (hoodie in French) was both a parody and a complete irony of what ahegao itself was. Since then the ahegao movement has been global and amplified with the movement of the influencer Belle Delphine and the compulsive purchases of hoodies of many fans of hentai manga. The ahegao hoodie have become the iconic clothes to make fun of current fashion or to represent the ahegao world and theecchi in the conventions.

Ahegao hoodie collection

- ahegao hoodies proposed here are straight out of the ecchi and hentai world for the irony and also the pleasure of all. Different colors and shapes of ahegao face are available for this range of hoodies for men and women. So regardless of your sexual orientation and your gender if you like sleeves, the animated the sexy and absurd humor you will surely like this collection of ahegao hoodie.

Thanks to them, even thehiver you will no longer be cold and you can put your hands in the pockets and even small objects andété you can wear it on all occasions. You can chill on the sofa watching your favorite anime with the famous ice cream pot for singles or even your partner who has bought the same hoodie as you with the other color. 

Otaku! You now have an inescapable way of knowing around you who loves Japan, manga and Ahegao.🤤

Ahegao & its history

The Ahegao takes its name from the Japanese: "Ahe"comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia of"Aheahe"(ア ヘ ア ヘ) describing the shortness of breath of the woman in the sexe and his sexual arousalAnd "Gao"(顔) means"face". Trend powered by Belle Delphine who was promoted Miss Ahegao from the internet. Since our shop was created to sail on this theme of Ahegao and offer you women clothes et men de ready to wear for all occasions. 😏