Dakimakura: A pillow to cuddle

The dakimakura is a japanese pillow with an anime character print all over the cover encompassing the cushion like art. Also called Body Pillow by Americans and Japanese, it first became the emblem of weebs for what is called the "hunging"(passionate hug) and since a very controversial otaku art. dakimakura pillow you will be able to choose your waifu among a multitude of animated and Japanese series such as My hero academia, High school DxD, Sailor Moon or Sword Art Online ...

If you are more Waifu that Husbando you like for example Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid you can quite choose a dakimakura of the heroine. For information, the back of a Japanese pillow is often the character in a naked sexy version or very erotic for the most carnal of you. If you want to know more you can read our article on "What is a dakimakura?".

Why and how to use a dakimakura?

We have selected from our Japanese suppliers the most flexible quality you can have for a dakimakura: with a "peach skin" texture reminiscent of the softness of a peach skin and not a rough textile. The base of the cushion (excluding cover due to its price was neatly padded of all equal parts for flexibility and at the same time a hardness when lying on it.
Even though these pillows have a tendency to be used as an unconventional sex pillow to do sensual things to those who love waifus lovingly the dakimakuras for dakimakura are an emotional way to show love for an unreal and / or virtual character. Being a pillow they also have the ability to let off steam or to appease the person who squeezes it hard like a emotional hug and a way to decompress the tumultuous life. They can also serve as a decoration in your room between the figures and the decorations or on your bed with the sheet consistent with the motif of thepillow. If you can use it with a onahole to satisfy your perverse desires.

Your delivery is of course free and under a pledge of confidentiality of your package because we know that this can be confusing for those around you. 

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