Quality male sex toy: The Onahole

Onahole in Japanese commonly called masturbator in French (colloquially "vaginette" or "male sex toys"in English) and allows a man as his name suggests to masturbate by inserting his penis into the hole provided to produce pleasure and thus have orgasms until ejaculation as a sex toy classic but better and more "manga". Far from sex dolls, the Onahole can also help you gain endurance during real sex by training alone.

New products straight out of Japan and perfect for manga sessions or anime series Hentai the onahole is the climax or the perfect otaku object to satisfy cravings sexual.


Why and how to use an Onahole?

Onahole is used by young adults or more confirmed to discover sexual pleasures without being accompanied. Masturbation with an onahole is an additional pleasure thanks to your back and forth movement you will be able to discover new pleasure according to your sexual tastes.

The interior is a soft fold-shaped wall with steep areas to stimulate the penis and more specifically the glans. Thus, depending on its use, it will allow different styles of pleasure from the Onahole.

Different onaholes will be offered in this collection offering you different penetrations: anathe, vaginal, or even oral with the added bonus of various types of experiences of masturbation (virgin or mature) depending on the inner form of the onahole. For use, we strongly recommend that you bring lubricant so you can coat your penis with lubricating gel or the inside of the onahole, thus penetrating with ease and pleasure by making back and forth movements inside the vagina either with it or with your penis for more realism and orgasms.

Sensation & realism 

If you have never tested japanese masturbators know that they are designed to get closer to a vagina or an anus (depending on your model) for your viewing pleasure. masturbation. The texture inside is very similar to the inside of a uterus / anus especially if you apply the right amount of lubricant. Also to vary the pleasures by changing your position and applying sexual positions as if you were with a partner. You can totally do it with your dakimakura favorite animated waïfu or in front of a video porn Japanese or classic.



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