What are the onahole?

Onahole in Japanese commonly known colloquially as "vagina" or "pocket pussy"in French allows a man or a woman to get pleasure. Used mainly alone they can just as much be used by couples in the form of games.

Used by otakus while watching pornographic anime which is also called Hentai they can also be used without a screen in bed.
The vaginettes exist in three large interior forms to provide different types of pleasures according to the desire and the desired penetration: Oral like a fellatio that a woman or a man could do, Vaginal that could cause you the sex of a woman , and Anal that both sexes can do but are different from each other. Also some onaholes offer a small butt to allow you to get closer to the realistic. Very far from sex dolls, the Onahole can also allow you to gain endurance during real sex by training alone with rudimentary but effective exercises or simply having fun with a masturbation more advanced.


Hentai, Waifus and Realism

Our onaholes have packaging often with iconic characters from Japanese anime series, which sets them apart from European or American vagina. This allows our fans to perceive this form of realism once unpacked and allows them to imagine their waifus in their arms and even in their flesh with Hentais or ecchi illustrations.
They can also vary the pleasures by changing their positions and applying sexual positions as they were with their waifu or a partner: With a dakimakura favorite animated for example or in front of a pornographic or Hentai video.