Neko-girl neko-boy necklace


"Please senpai! I want to become your ..."    

Are you envious of your guilty pleasures? Do you want to wait in the dark for your partner? Here is the perfect necklace whether you are a man or a woman. This latest trend in the necklace that we call "chocker" in BDSM and is not the least since it allows multiple activities with his partner Ahegao or not. A resistant chain is attached to it thanks to a classic stainless steel metal. A carabiner is provided to keep the collar around the neck without the leash hanging down of course.

It exists in black referring to the "Black Cat" from a modern series ... and the other rather of Sailor Moon in a kawaii neko-girl version. They both have bells which as soon as they are shaken make a nice sound. 😺


Neko-girl neko-boy necklace: uses

Of course we do not recommend taking it to conventions to the point of being sanctioned of course by the members of these (you know why ...).

The neko-girl necklace neko-boy in itself has a resistant chain to attach, drag, or "train" his or her partner but we do not say more ...

Fans of BSDM or even bondage will immediately be envious of this erotic object that is the neko-girl neko-boy necklace. To you the cute cat who plays with you ... 😻 




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