Onahole Waifu Neko


Onahole Waifu Neko

A pretty waifu with cat ears to allow you to have a good time with her and especially to make you feel good with her strong chest and her little corset and her skirt. This onahole realistically reproduces the inner shape of a vagina to give you more pleasure than you have ever seen. A little lubricant and you will have a sublime tool to relax in front of your favorite Hentai. Its rotating inner ball will give you palpitations of pleasure depending on its use ...

  • Resistant to any eventuality ...
  • Soft and supple materials
  • Realistic sensations
  • Item from Japan
  • Discreet package

Features of Onahole:

Type: Japan Onahole
Interior: Realistic ball 
Size: 18 x 7.5 cm
Color: Transparent
Interior / Penetration: Vaginal / Annal

Remember to add a little lubricant inside your onahole to allow better penetration.
You will surely appreciate: