Ahegao.fr: Our resolutions for 2020

To end this year in style we would like to thank you for this first year of launch brought to you by you and our dear collaborators.

We have new goals and good resolutions for this year 2020 which we hope will also be better for you.

In this article we will detail what will change at Ahegao.fr .

 Ahegao year 2020 quality hoodie



A new 2020 collection

At the beginning of September we launched an autumn - winter 2019/2020 collection
which will end soon to make way for new products that are a little more expensive but of better quality (we will come back to this later in the article).
And yes all of our clothes will be changed to start this year 2020 in good conditions. But don't worry, we will give you more details on Instagram (and on our notification emails) when this will take place.



Improved quality

No more hoodies with 100% polyester! We will redo the stock with products mainly based on cotton to favor people who are allergic to synthetic materials. Either way as always 
the composition of the clothing will be highlighted in the description of it.
"Improve quality while keeping a modest brand price" this will be our motto for 2020.



New products and size guide

To change the clothes a little: "Magic" mugs, caps, backpack, visor, hat will be added to our shop for the pleasure of those who will proudly wear our logo and new designs made in France
Note that the size table will be redone for more clarity.
No more American Sizes in 3XL and 4XL! 



Delivery times: Fast

The biggest proven problem of our shop and what returned the most in your feedbacks is the processing time of your orders as well as the delivery time. For this year 2020 we will not make the same error, this is why we will set up faster deadlines on your orders: 2 to 4 days instead of 3 to 15 days with a maximum period of 7 days for holidays and public holidays . Always of course in free delivery so as not to penalize you on the price either.



Note that the products ordered so far will of course be delivered on time but will not be able to be delivered on the new delivery times only the new 2020 products will be accessible with a fast delivery time.


Wishing you a Happy New Year 2020!

The Ahegao.fr team

Ahegao.fr happy new year 2020!