Belle Delphine: 5 Facts You Don't Know About Her

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1) Belle Delphine is a 19 year old model from the United Kingdom

"I live in the rainy, windy and sometimes sunny UK with my lovely little hamster family I care for," wrote Delphine about him on Patreon. "I like to paint, draw, skate and just be creative and design things!

"I would like to have all the outfits of my dreams, create cosplays and cute looks et sexy to share, "she continued." Thank you very much for helping me make this dream come true. I'm setting up a studio, where I'm going to create mores and cosplays this year."

Belle Delphine, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, was born on October 23, 1999, at the age of 19.

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2) She has a Pornhub account

Delphine, which frequently displays content from the NSFW on her social media channels, tricked her followers into telling them that she would create an account PornHub if it received more than a million people.

She promised to post videos, however, when fans went to the page looking for something. sexual, they came empty-handed. Delphine did indeed post 12 videos, but the titles didn't quite match the content.

A video called "Belle Delphine caresses two BIG b * t * s", we can see the model playing with ... In another video called "PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine", she slowly eats a photo of the famous YouTuber .

Delphine has over 85 subscribers on the platform and a dozen videos were viewed 000 million times.

3) She has an account on Patreon and can make a living from it

Patreon is a US membership platform that provides public funding to the creators of commercial tools to manage a content subscription service. Artists are able to build relationships and offer exclusive experiences to their subscribers.

Delphine has over 4 customers on its page, which belong to different "levels" based on what they pay per month. Customers can pay for bronze, silver, gold, premium Snapchat, Instagram single, a king or God. Prices range from $ 000 per month for bronze level 1 $ 2 or more per month for the level God.

“If you like weird elf girls who try too hard, then you've come to the right place <3,” writes Delphine. "Sure this page you will find all my obscene content, NSFW and other content not found on any of my other pages. Especially for you.

Depending on the level, customers can access, among others, to selfies, the photo sets and videos. Delphine is known for his photographs ofAhegao. THE'Ahegao is a term from Japanese erotic that we describe in this article .

4) Belle Delphine sells her bath water to her fans and they buy it!

"I am now selling my bath water!" Delphine wrote on Twitter. "This is what humanity has come ..."

Fans could buy the model's bath water on its website for $ 30 a jar. In fact, the product is sold in a day. A week later, it was feared that the bath water it sold only causes contraction of herpes, disease and even hospitalization customers.

Delphine used social media to clarify things.

"LMFAO, there was a lot of fake news that I didn't have to address! "Delphine wrote." No one was hospitalized with my bath or got sick. All these memes were posted before I even shipped it. "

5) She made herself known with her Instagram account filled with ahegao

If you haven't seen Delphine's Instagram page: you've lost everything!

His account has been deleted for content pornographic et ahagao IRL on his photos. We understand why Instagram closed his account just by seeing his boss and his twitter

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