The VSCO Girl Trend: The Last Cog of Gen Z!

Ahegao and VSCO trend?

No, it's not a bad keyboard stroke. Nor is it a failure to spell check or edit. This is how the VSCO girls express their excitement. And I don't understand it any more than you do.

If anyone had a hot summer in 2019, it's probably the VSCO girl. Nicknamed after the photo editing application VSCO, the VSCO girl, dressed in a darling and dressed in a darling, ended up dominating the Internet. Some VSCO girls - who are mainly Adolescents - are popular influencers, like Emma Chamberlain, while others are typical street schoolgirls. We can also quote Belle Delphine once again.

The girls of VSCO are "the Tumblr girls of 2019", according to Urban Dictionary, but they are also the evolution of the millennium of "basic bitch"who stormed the Internet five years ago. girls from VSCO have just traded pumpkin pies for Hydro Flask water bottles, Ugg boots for Birkenstocks and North Face jackets for oversized tees. They also love puka shell-chokers, Pura Vida bracelets and Fjallraven backpacks.

But despite all its celebrity on the Internet, the girl VSCO has also been widely criticized. She's been talked about since Lauren Strapagiel of BuzzFeed News reported on her in July, then made appearances everywhere, from New York Times at The Cut. Several Instagram accounts aggregating photos of aesthetics #VSCOgirl have arisen, and the girl VSCO has been the victim of countless memes and videos of YouTube parodies.
Belle Delphine by its Ahegao saw their account deleted due to nudity ...

ahegao egirl tiktok #ahegaofr #ahegao

But it is the first trend of Generation Z that ages a millennium. IF you were born before and in 1997, and you must be so separate from Gen Z that the girl VSCO never appeared on my Instagram feed. You may be telling your friends or asking, "What is a VSCO girl"?

The expression "VSCO girl" is an allusion to VSCO, a photo editing and sharing application with around 20 million active users per week, the majority of whom are under 25 years of age. Although the app is a little less overtly obsessed by the image that Instagram, omitting social media measures now standard like the number of followers or followers, it is best known for its showy and beach-inspired filters, which led it to be associated with a certain type of light, casual and Hollister-esque aesthetic (even if no self-respecting and self-respecting individual would like to buy Hollister). But the meme girl VSCO itself has mainly found its place on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, with 785 million views of the hashtag #vscogirl .

Since then, subcultures have formed in cosplay, ahegao, and more particularly fashion.

La girl de VSCO makes us feel old

Besides scrolling through accounts of popular VSCO girls like Summer McKeen and Sydney Serena makes me feel inherently not cool, although I'm well aware that that's half the point. How can these teens look much more effortless than I was at their age (or that I never will be)?


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