Kizuna Ai's original voice could be deleted

Kuzuna Ai & Ahegao

The number of subscribers to the virtual youtuber "Kizuna Ai"on the Chinese video site bilibili has been declining sharply since August 6, the date on which two videos broadcast on the YouTube channel of Kizuna Ai showed a character with a face Ahegao, an expression commonly used on the internet to indicate excitement erotic japanese.

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In comments on these videos, fans have described these depictions as disrespecting the original character of Kizuna Ai, and the number of dislikes in these two videos has been the highest in most of the chain's history. So rumors that the project Kizuna AI Multiple (which gave rise to these two videos) will result in the original voice actress of Kizuna Ai will be completely removed from future videos, made both videos a banner for fans who have problems with current management than the original project Kizuna Ai took.

In addition, bilibili has started to moderate comments on the video or any related topic. This means that any comment containing Activ8 (name of the group to which Kizuna Ai belongs) or its abbreviation A8 will be immediately deleted. Chinese fans also expressed dissatisfaction with the situation by unsubscribing from the channel. A live broadcast that follows subscribers of Kizuna Ai says their bilibili channel has lost 100.000 subscribers in just over a week. At best, the channel had a million subscribers, but at the time of publication, it had just over 900.

Kizuna Ai's multiple project

Project Kizuna Ai Multiple was first featured on May 25 in a video titled "If I told you to leave Kizuna Ai, would you believe me? Also, a fifth Kizuna Ai Chinese-speaking was presented at YouTuber's second anniversary concert, "AI Party! 2019 ~ hello, how ru?" ~ on June 30, and finally opened the channel on July 1.

The Chinese Kizuna Ai is so far the only version of the character that has a design different from the original, with the exception of the voice actress (which is altogether different). None of the identities of the voice actresses of Kizuna Ai is not public.

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