Ahegao Black Friday!

Friday November 29 is a great day!

 Isn't Christmas before the time amazing? At Ahegao.fr we decided
to celebrate black friday by offering you codes directly shared on our
social networks (or your favorite social networks). From the smallest code of -20% 
at the biggest of -50% there will be something for everyone! Recently we launched productions of several t-shirts and sweaters as well as an exclusive Himiko Toga coat that will appeal to fans of "my hero academia". His products 
is no exception to the rule and will be on sale. All codes will be available from 29/11 to 02/11 midnight.
Let's see where does Black Friday come from and why merge it with Ahegao?

The origin of Black Friday

When a day is preceded by "black", it is generally an indication that it was a rather bad day (hello, Friday the 13th!). Black Friday had a similar connotation.

The very first use of the term "Black Friday" dates back to 1869 and had nothing to do with Christmas shopping. It was the day when the collapse in gold prices caused a stock market crash, the effects of which were felt by the American economy for years.

The first reports of Black Friday as we know it would have occurred in the 1950s or 1960s in Philadelphia, invented by the traffic police who feared this day.

"The Philadelphia Police Department used this term to describe the traffic jams and intense congestion in downtown retail stores," said David Zyla, Emmy-winning stylist and author of "How to Win at Shopping ". He noted that one of the first uses of the term in print media appeared in an advertisement in a 1966 issue of "The American Philatelist" a magazine for stamp collectors.


For our fervent readers!

As mentioned above: from 29/11 to 02/11 midnight you can take advantage of discount codes promoted on our various social networks but as you have read our article until the end we will explain a little secret to you:

On some of the pages of our site we have subtly slipped the biggest codes (and believe me some are well hidden ...) and will expire like the classic code then from D-day don't wait go hunt them !

Also some discounts are already applied to our products which you can instantly benefit from when checking out. 



Note: You can always support the ambassador of our favorite brand, the ambassador codes will always be available.


Stay tuned and have a good black friday!

ahegao black friday

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