The Future of our Ahegaofr brand: continuation and development of new collections

Here we are in the middle of the year when we wanted to offer you the new concept of our brand as well as show what we will do in future years on our collections and items. For the end of 2019 we had made a line on certain points that we wanted to improve in our brand especially on the point of quality: what we have done successfully.

This article aims to describe to you what we will improve and do on the next collections and why will be such in more limited series but better qualities.

Here are the points & actions that we will deal with:

  • A new Ahegaofr collection
  • Limited & exclusive clothing
  • Delivery times & packaging
  • Better affiliate system



A new Ahegaofr collection

Very soon you will see appear a whole new collection of clothes with clean and minimalist designs that our team has appointed especially for our young dynamic community to proudly wear what you love thus finished the complete patterns on hoodies and sweaters and welcome to the simple ahegao & Japanese pattern. However, we also wanted to increase the quality of what we offer, which is why we decided to change supplier for a better quality of textiles.

Here is a new exclusive ahegaofr pattern for example:
Ahegaofr New collection and pattern of clothing |



 Limited & exclusive clothing

As well as the improvement of our clothes mentioned in the previous paragraph we will make more limited collections in the time that we are going to call "season" and which will be finished by a number which will correspond to the numeration of this one. For example: For the very first collection season we will do the "season N ° 1"until it is replaced by season 2 and so the items from the previous season will no longer be available which will add value to your unique clothing. The old articles put on line on our shop will be removed little by little (according to their stocks) to make room for the very first season.



Delivery times & packaging


Our stocks not being in France we knew that one of our biggest weak points being the deadline (what you mentioned in our questionnaire). In the end-of-year article 2019 we clarified this point which became more accentuated when the containment was established. We therefore favored for future collections a supplier with fast delivery times for our clothes. That said the packaging will change: always with a light plastic for the more CO2-neutral transport but with our logo directly on it. Also the FAQ has been completely redone recently to best answer your questions.


Better affiliate system

It is also thanks to our affiliates as much as our influencers and bloggers like our community is also soda and to offer you discount codes that we want to improve this craze. So the reward system will be more favorable to people sharing much more will be much more rewarded than people doing it less: for example by rewarding affiliates with the top three in their category.

Here is which concludes our article on our future improvements we are very happy with what we can bring to our customers and our community and we offer you leave your opinion in comment of this article to see what you think.

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