Mym: The new social network for youtubers and influencers


MYM is a new social network that has gone viral with the boom in the erotica market and the slot machine that has become

Like its competitor (Only fan) it is designed for content creators who want to charge their artistic creations : mainly photos that subscribers can have and own on condition of paying a subscription. Similar to Patreon Et al Tipee to support them, creators use this kind of social networks to obtain money from their community and thus possibly live from their passion as diverse as it is. According to their confidentiality clause, the photos posted by the creators are protected thanks to elements of traceability.


What is MYM?

At the beginning just like the similar Only fans the creators created an account in order to be supported thanks to the donations of its subscribers in the manner of an Instagram paying for their followers but since the evolution of this new social network just like Tiktok has had a phenomenal boom : the sexualization has grown to such an extent that creators are offering more and more creations (photos) erotic and even more and more pornographic to such an extent that this social network all like Onlyfan are now so-called pornographic and erotic social networks also once certain conditions are met the creators can have more possibilities on the various official pages of MYM from Facebook or even Instagram.

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Accounts and operation of Only fans and MYM

The operation of these social networks is quite simple and are similar to a kind of Instagram but paying. At we have tested them to confirm it to you: there are therefore two types of accounts the accounts of followers or fans or else the accounts of the creators (the creation of accounts being on two distinct pages and URLs). Creators can select the subscription price according to the various pre-allocated prices (from 9 to 99 € per month) but can also receive donations.


Explanations of the sexualization of MYM

The best performing creator accounts are female while the fans and followers are male. Male physiology being more inclined to want and love sex: men are the biggest viewers of sexual content so it cannot be remembered enough that the biggest content on the web and the internet is pornographic videos and images.


Creators' money and easy money

Some creators have been able to reveal what they were earning and it is not small sums for some ... According to Closer Mag the income of some personalities can go and exceed up to 25 € / month but it is not so easy to earn this money since the only people having possession of this kind of account have a substantial community and are mainly women because from their many posts erotic or even pornographic.


How to get MYM fans for free?

To get started, just register on the creator registration page and complete the conditions. By continuing it will be necessary to take pictures of you naked or underwear and to post them as time goes by on your social network which is MYM and to share these said censored photos on your various others Social networks like Twitter or Instagram and put the link of your MYM profile : This is what most influencers do and it works quite easily because as you share your censored photos, many men or women will share your censored or uncensored photos from your feeds and thus spread your posts more quickly and thus perpetuate the virtuous or vicious loop at your convenience. So it is possible that your photos fall into the hands of perverts or unconventional people ...

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Ethical issues and the sexualization of women

Many women are not influencers but are well influenced by this desire for easy money simply by being able to "show your butt" and thus earn a little money. We can thus see a certain form of indirect and virtual prostitution which raises a lot of ethical questions especially as more and more young women use this kind of social network as "creative"and not fans. The security of the age being limited simply to a box" put age "even if it is true that an identity card will be necessary even if this one is not that of the registered creator in MYM. Generation Y is the most affected force is to note that this generation is the most able to use the Internet uses this kind of tool. Some YouTubers or even YouTubers like Bruno le salé, the Raptor and Valek (non-extreme Youtuber :-)) denounce this kind of behavior and this kind of sexualizing social network too much the body of the woman (or even of the man) until seeing it as an object one can thus see the rapprochement with the streamers on the Twitch platform.

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