Why was ahegao popularized by Belle Delphine?

The cosplayer made the headlines after promising to stroke "two penises" on Pornbub if she reached a certain number of followers, as well as other hilarious bait and erotic titles. Then she started selling her gamer girl bath water for € 30 a piece, selling 500 tubs in the space of two days. Unbelievable ! Before these stunts, however, the 19-year-old was known as "ahegao girl", and the trend for ahegao developed online at the expense / success of her fame.

This has earned him millions of fans ready to part with their money to see so much obscene content. Some people praised Belle for her business acumen, while others quickly suggested that she appropriated Japanese culture. But no matter what you think of this pink haired woman, here are some things you may or may not know about her, including her Instagram account, her Patreon, her boyfriend and her best posts.

Japanese culture has also experienced a global boom in recent years, as has cosplay. With all of this, people who share their own ahegaos on social media have also grown with the #ahegao hastag. When people make their own ahegaos online, they tend to drool and cross their eyes, and often use a filter to get a more cartoon or manga look. It may not be your cup of tea, but people like Belle Delphine have made it a career, so there seems to be a lot of demand on Instagram.

Belle Delphine was born in Kitschner, South Africa, but has since moved to the UK where she currently resides. No one really knows much about her family, although she seems to have a soft spot for kittens and hamsters.

Since on Instagram where she has had more than 4,5 million followers. This was until it was banned after 'violating the nudity guidelines'. Her story oscillates between pornography and cosplay and is inspired by both the culture of the game and anime.
Ahegao US beautiful deplhine
Belle has a boyfriend?

Between making faces, taking pictures and selling bath water, how could she have time to have a boyfriend. She keeps everything about her life outside of cosplay close to her chest, so it's not clear whether she's single or not.

She recently tracked down her 3,8 million followers claiming that she would create her own Pornhub channel if one of her photos reached more than a million people, which she did - in fact, she almost doubled that number.

True to her word, the player then created an account with the porn giant. But unfortunately for his army of supporters, his first video - titled 'Belle Delphine caressing' two BIG male sex '- did not live up to their expectations. Rather than seeing the Instagrammer get down to business with a couple of guys, the video was just Belle sitting on a bed and playing with her two ...

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