Why madmoizelle.com knows nothing about Ahegao: Explanations

"Committed" feminists

Like many people in our community we are fond of content on ahegao and its diversity 😛: this is how we came across this article from madmoizelle.com speaking ofAhegao and based on the experiences of people on Social networks with a sprig ofirony.

Praising the "merits" while hiding behind their masks that they do not like this subject and that the little content will be given as food for readers (or readers) who will criticize the subject without knowing a bit of this culture ... pity ! 


An article quickly swept away

The article is meant to be explanatory but is not really explanatory: based on a definition of "their Wikipedia taste" the feminist newspaper did not hesitate to associate the ahegao with pornography. If you don't have our article on "What is ahegao?" take the time to take a look at.

Yet the definition given by Wikipedia is very clear:

<< Although it is close to Hentai it gets closer to theeroticism since no part of the body is visually stripped. The art comes only from the contents of the face or the head stopping at the bottom of the neck or at maximum height of the shoulders. >> Source: Wikipedia

From madmoizelle.com | Ahegao.fr



A subject little known to journalists

It is easier to discredit a passion or a culture than to want to know how the community and the influence it has on people. We can see here a form of wanting to "falsely make the buzz" by selecting posts drawn at random from the networks for support the arguments in his favor that is why we must always check his sources. 😉

From madmoizelle.com | Ahegao.fr


Association with pornography

It's a bit like telling you that this table (below) is pornography:
Erotic painting ahegao | Ahegao.fr

No ? it is not? so what is it?
Of the'eroticism that is all !

Eroticism (according to Wikipedia): "is very often associated with the stimulation of the imagination caused by the sight of another person."
Wikipedia adds: "Eroticism is different from pornography in that pornography is defined by what is shown".

Let's pick up on theAhegao :

No naked bodies. No private parts in sight. So ?

Yes quite ! 🙂 The Ahegao is part of the family oferoticism like this table above and not pornography.

From top to bottom the article by madmoizelle.com is mistaken about the characteristic judging too hastily the subject unfortunately.




For the Ahegao.fr we do not allow ourselves to be done: we know that many of you love ahegao as well as japanese culture that is why we do what it is in our duty to preserve this magnificent kingdom of the animated which still has a long time years ahead of her.
Let the “cute” looking blasphemy hiding a wolf and analyze what you read without greedily swallowing it. 😉


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"Take care that our critical mind  does not turn into a spirit of systematic denigration ... "- Jacques Chirac