Why is everyone talking about Belle Delphine's bath water?

Anyone who has spent time online in the past three months has probably heard the name "Belle Delphine" after the social media star announced that she was selling jars of her used bath water to fans.

So is the story real - or is it just another obscure viral hoax?


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So what does it look like? A fan made a compilation of Delphine's ahegao looks:

Needless to say, the waterfall started instant reaction from fans and quickly spread to the general public.

“Some people were disgusted, others found it hilarious and still others couldn't believe it was really real,” says eBaum's World, the internet hub for humor.



Is this a joke or a joke?

Yes and no. Delphine is known for exploiting her image of a sexual object to prank excited fans impatient to see her go from titillation to pornography.

In a post on her Instagram account last month, she promised to open an account on the website Pornhub, rated X, if his mail received one million such emails - a goal achieved within a few days.

Amid feverish speculation from hot and annoyed fans, "she uploaded a total of 12 non-pornographic videos with provocative headlines"on Pornhub, says the compendium of Internet culture Know Your Meme.

For example, a video titled "Beautiful Delphine stroking two BIG beasts" contains images of Delphine stroking two ***** ", on this one.

The bath water gag has a similar tone, with Delphine posting that she was selling the product "for all gamers from THIRSTY gamer boys".

She then tweeted on Twitter: "I am now selling my bath water! This is what humanity has come to."

"It's almost like a travesty of the kind of girl these guys want," Lux Alptraum told Rolling Stone magazine about sex and technology. "She plays very directly with the sensitivity of these men."

That said, while selling bottles of bath water can be a gimmick, it's no hoax. The jars can be purchased from Delphine's website, with a disclaimer on the clarification announcement: "It really is bath water .... This water is not potable and is not should only be used for sentimental purposes. " No matter what it is.
Were there any takers?

Of course yes. In fact, less than a week after Delphine posted the video of the bathtub, the pots were exhausted.

The site Snopes confirms that at least two YouTuber have "received delivery of the BathGirl Bath Water" ... although we cannot confirm that the packages they have received contain bath water ( as opposed to another type of water) ".

The site adds that the already bizarre saga was "made even more bizarre by adding a fake viral outbreak".

A fake Twitter account pretending to be the Daily Mail claimed that dozens of fans had contracted herpes after drinking their jars of bath water. The tweet author later admitted that the viral story (back and forth) was completely false.

That doesn't mean fans don't drink this stuff. In a US Spectator article titled "I drank Belle Delphine's GamerGirl bath water, now my stomach hurts", Charlie Nash documents has the experience of doing just that, "in the name of journalism".

His verdict? "Normal enough to be drinkable if you were dehydrated in the Australian hinterland, dying of thirst, but too weird to drink with a meal prepared at home." So now you know.


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