What is the Gesugao?

Gesugao: term so unknown yet so well known?

But what is behind this oddly Japanese term?

The origin and basis

Gesugao (ゲ ス 顔 in Japanese) is a term for a facial expression often found in anime and manga to portray various characters as being evil, often giving a smirk and emphasizing their eyes the color red. The exact origin of the gesugao's face is unknown. The beginnings go back to a video posted on the site of nico nico (May 24, 2013) which popularized the face of the gesugao a little by being by Internet users. other sources indicate that the gesugao was popularized by 4chan.

Internet and influence with ahegao

The gesugao especially had its heyday when the same ahegao and belle delphine arrived on the internet: Building on the success of the ahegao, the variants of "U got that" memes have multiplied to give shape to all kinds of videos original like the ones that made him famous:

We can find variants of this same up to my little pony:

Thanks for reading this article and good ... Gesugao to you!

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