What is hentai?

If you are a fan ofanime, then there's a good chance you've come across the term "hentai " or you are looking for the proper definition in Japanese.


The sentence is one that is discreetly discussed in public, but fans ofanime are more than ready to talk about the genre of porn video when they are gathered. For most outsiders and beginners, the expression is an expression that should not be spoken of given its connotation sexual & mature. After all, in the West, the hentai world is all about porn lively. The genres that we will detail below

Definition of Hentai

In Japanese, the term Hentai loosely translates to "perversion" or "anomaly" in French. This word has a distinctly negative connotation abroad and can be used to insult certain people because of their sex preferences. Hentai is also a shortened term because it comes from "Hentai seiyoku" , an expression that means " Sexual desire abnormal ".

Very often used to refer to manga, Japanese pornographic videos and series (or porn).

However, there is a lot to be lost in translation when it comes to Hentai.
We're going to break down the story behind hentai to give fans a better understanding of how the term came to be. So, in this vein, the following paragraphs will be more about objective facts and less about fetishes.

However, it may be that part of the contents either of NSFW, then you have been warned in this regard. The different definitions of Hentai aren't always easy to read in public, and you don't want your boss to read it on your shoulders.

Hentai format and audience

What is more particularly the Hentai in the modern current is more particularly designated as a japanese anime pornography video. Due to the specificity and male physiology for pornography, men will be the biggest viewers of this Japanese genre but some women will also watch by turning to more specific genres such as Yuri and the Yaoi who even that she is only anal penetration is a pleasure for her. The viewing of the hentai is of course for a solo sexual purpose ...

There are many hentai sites that offer anime porn videos (for example 🔞: japonhentai.com). The Hentai business being very abundant: the cartoonists of classic manga or "copywriters" of the classic SFW (Safe For Work) anime are retrained and sometimes hired as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) hentai designers.



History of Hentai

Hentai has a lot of luggage behind him. The word first appeared during the Meiji era and was used to describe abnormal sexual fetishes. The word was used almost exclusively in the field of science and scholarship, but it became popular after the end of World War II. The hentai world was then used as a slang term and abbreviated as 'H' or 'ecchi' - but this slang has its own meaning today. In Japan, the two words are often associated with the idea of ​​lechery and do not refer to a sexual content explicit.

As slang became popular, the word Hentai has been defined more delicately. While the term still referred to abnormal sex fetishes abroad, the United States adopted it as a manga has become a more global media. Through loose translations, Western fans have come to associate the word hentai with porn.

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The different types of hentai and its Japanese characters

Bakunyuu: The term refers to women with big breasts who have in fact become an a by whole category in the universe japanese pornography. It can go from mom to Loli (explained below) through the young high school girls. The fan-service of Seins rebounding is very present for the male audience.

Lolicon: Refers to a young character or even very up to the limit of pedophilia. The term is exclusive and linked to the feminine gender as much for the pornography as for the humor that can be behind it. The authors and designers of hentais of this type create characters of childish appearance but with a much older age than their physique for the side. porn.

Omorashi: Refers to general fetishism for the practice of sex in hentai or other animated urine or anything similar to it. We can thus situate it as a kink

Kemonomimi : Refers to a character with animal attractions in its entirety.

Neko: Refers to the term for female or male cats or if they possess feline attractions mainly the tail or else the ears which may be located as a kink only if it is in hentai. So we will call a neko-boy an animated man character who possesses feline attractions and a neko-girl a female animated character who possesses feline attractions. 

Tentacle: As the name suggests it is very often the addition of tentacle in the pornographic scene of hentai mainly a woman penetrated by tentacles but sometimes men by the anus (hentai yaoi see below).

Shotacon: Refers to the attraction to a person or a character of small size whether female or male.

Futanari: La futanari is an anime character made up of a pair of breasts and a female-leaning penis. She is an animated woman with a penis that one can commonly call in French "hermaphrodite". The body of this woman may also have a vagina in the inter-gluteal fold under her penis and testicles.

Yuri: Features hentai anime pornography exclusively property and feminine between several women in sexual positions sometimes and often kamasutra. Phallic objects between partners are also very present in this kind of hentai.

Yaoi: Features hentai anime pornography exclusively male homosexual in sex positions ranging from blowjob to anal penetration. The non-existence of women in this kind of anime is almost present.

How is the word "Hentai" used in Japan?

In Japan, the use of the word Hentai will force people to look at you weirdly. It is not widely used abroad as the preferred term for such content is ero-manga ou ecchi manga. If you use this expression, it is a very precise subset of pornography lively. Given the clinical definition of Hentai, all anime ou manga described as such has a fold or fetishism abnormal. For example, titles with eroticism sprawling or a incest would be classified at Hentai. So be sure to speak accordingly.


The use of Hentai in the West

For fans in the United States, the word Hentai is used interchangeably with pornography. There is little distinction between sentences due to loose translation efforts over the decade. As such, hentai has been divided into two subcategories in the west and the east. If you look in hentai, the general genre will be divided into "softcore"Or"hardcore". The expression also covers the entire spectrum of pornography, regardless of content.


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