What is hentai?

If you are a fan ofanime, then there's a good chance you've come across the term "hentai " or you are looking for the proper definition in Japanese. The word is quietly discussed in public, but fans ofanime are more than ready to talk about the genre of porn video when they are gathered. For most outsiders and beginners, the expression is an expression that should not be spoken of given its connotation sexual & mature. After all, in the West, the hentai world is all about porn lively. The genres that we will detail below

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Although there is no age for watching anime or manga, fans of these series are mostly children and teenagers. The content offered is sometimes amusing, funny and sometimes even, gives life lessons. But there is also this category of anime that no one dares to talk about in public and which is normally intended only for adults. We call it Hentai: it's kind of animated porn given the strong sexual connotation. If you have never come across this kind of series, we will tell you more about it in this article.

All about Hentai

First of all, it is important to know the origins of the word, its definition, its history as well as its relationship with animated content of a sexual nature.

Definition of "Hentai"

The word hentai finds its etymology in the Japanese language from where it is taken. It is a term whose meaning is vaguely similar to perversion, transformation or even metamorphosis. In more colloquial language, it is used to refer to what is kinky or bizarre. We can therefore imagine that it is a negative word, which explains the fact that it is used to insult certain people or qualify their sexual preferences. Hentai is also a part of the phrase “hentai seiyoku” which means abnormal sexual desire. However, whatever the definition given to this word, in Europe as in America, it is directly related to manga or Japanese series of a pornographic nature. This is expressed explicitly by the indications " Forbidden to under 18s ”Or“ adult comic strip ”.

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History of Hentai

A little history on the origin of the word. It first appeared in the Meiji era and was used to describe sexual fetishes abnormal. At the same time, the word was also used in the scientific field and the field of scholarship, but this was not enough to make it known. It was not until the post world war period that the word became more popular. At the time, it was still a slang expression summarized in the simple letter “H“ for connoisseurs. We still didn't make the connection with sexual content, but rather with lust.

Gradually, we started with define the word more precisely and delicate. Although in some areas it was still relating to abnormal sexual fetishes, in the United States it was adopted to refer to a manga.  Thus, from translation to translation, we have come to associate the word with pornography in the West. Today, hentai means “pornographic manga” all over the world.

However, there is a lot to be lost in translation when it comes to Hentai.
We're going to break down the story behind hentai to give fans a better understanding of how the term came to be. So, in this vein, the following paragraphs will be more about objective facts and less about fetishes.

However, it may be that part of the contents either of NSFW, then you have been warned in this regard. The different definitions of Hentai aren't always easy to read in public, and you don't want your boss to read it on your shoulders.

Who is the target audience for hentai?

We are tempted to say that hentai videos are meant for everyone, in part because of the “manga” nature. However, pornographic content still requires an age restriction. Adults are therefore authorized to watch hentai videos (it is often written "forbidden to those under 18"). But there are many teens or children who engage in viewing this kind of content after clicking on a link not specified. Men's natural and physiological penchant for pornography makes them more represented among hentai viewers. However, there is also a good minority of women who are interested in hentai. The only difference is in each other's gender and taste preferences. Either way, watching hentai is well suited for solo enjoyment. The traffic in hentai is very extensive; of cartoonists to consumers.

There are many hentai sites that offer anime porn videos. The Hentai business being very abundant: the cartoonists of classic manga or "copywriters" of the classic SFW (Safe For Work) anime are retrained and sometimes hired as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) hentai designers.

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What are the different types of hentai?

Since you now have a better command of the expression, the study will now focus on the different varieties of hentai that exist. Here, the categorization is done just like on porn sites with a few variations. Here is a listing of the types of hentai that exist.



This category relates to female characters with a full chest. This is nothing new since in ordinary manga, women often sport heavy melons. It is also one of the specialties of Japanese porn whether in hentai or in le adult cinema. Whether it's adults, high school girls or teenagers, the characters are mostly endowed with huge breasts that could even be described as oversized. They often wear small outfits in order to maximize this characteristic trait to the point of vulgarly showing the nipples. Enough to stir up the male fanatic breast audience.


This category designates very young female characters, sometimes bordering on pedophilia. They are little girls, drawn with children's figures, but with breasts to make an adult drool. Usually, it is never mentioned that they are minor. Some stories give them an older age instead, perhaps because of a spell that maintains the infantile appearance. This is especially so as not to go against the porn aspect. When we know that some perverts really love children, there is something to give them a view.


It's a bit like the lolicon except that in this case, the emphasis is more on the male characters. It is often a question of small characters for whom the attraction pushes to a sexual relation. This kind of hentai is subject to several regulations. In France for example, shotacons are strictly prohibited.


It is a variant of hentai that emphasizes urophile scenes. Even though the followers of these practices are less numerous, it is also important to provide them with content with young characters who get pleasure from emptying their bladder.


One or more of the characters involved look like animals of all kinds or transform into them when it comes to having sex. There is a slight difference with the Neko.


This is the type of hentai that features male or female cats or is distinguished by feline attractions. Most often it is either the ears or the tail. The neko-boy or neko-girl are therefore half-man, half-cat characters so as not to be totally in Kemonomimi.

Tentacle erotic:

As you may have guessed, these are hentai anime scenes that put women in touch with big tentacle beasts. It is a typical subgenre of the Japanese spooky culture. While some mangakas are horrified by these stories, others find their pleasure in them. On the other hand, one of the authors explained to the press that this genre was created to overcome the cJapanese ensure related to spreading penises. However, the authorities had no problem with the spread of tentacle rapes, although it was for the same purpose.


The peculiarity of this subgenus is that it is exclusively focused on hermaphrodites. The young girls in the scenes look normal until you see that under their skirt is a penis. In fact, it's rare to see this kind of character early on. Everything is fine at first, nothing abnormal until the moment when the trigger intervenes (a spell or an anomaly or an experience). The vagina is either replaced or overcome by a male attribute. The adventures therefore guide you towards the discovery of this kind of character.


Most of the stories in this category relate to partner cuckolding. In some cases, relationships are forced and sometimes lead to rape with headless stories. However there is hot sex for those who ask for it.


Here it is mainly a question of hentai pornography exhibiting purely lesbian relationships. Intercourse can take place with two or more partners and in impressive positions, sometimes mimicking kamasutra. Phallic objects also come into play in this category of hentai. Contrary to what one might think, the latter also knows a large female audience who are not necessarily homosexual.


After female homosexuality, this type of hentai deals with male homosexuality. However, gay pornography, as we know it, is not very present in Japan. This kind of content is intended for lovers of male sex. The positions vary from fellatio to anal penetration. You don't often find female characters in this genre of anime.

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Use of the word hentai: Japan vs West

Don't bother using the word hentai in Japan as it might get people looking weird. The term is also not used abroad. To designate such content, we speak rather of “ero-manga” or “ecchi manga”. However, these expressions are used to denote a defined subset of the domain of animated pornography. If you use this expression, it is a very precise subset of animated pornography. Given the clinical definition of hentai, any anime or manga described as such has a crease or a abnormal fetishism. You will then have to choose your terminology carefully before talking about these animated films at the risk of sounding rude or insulting with the person you are talking to.

On the other hand in the West, more particularly in Europe, the term hentai invariably refers to pornography. The gap between the original meaning and this conception is very large and is mainly explained by the difference in culture between Japan and the West. The word suffered from many loose translations along the years. So that's why you still need to pronounce it low in these regions out of modesty. Otherwise you are immediately associated with a pervert.

For fans in the United States, the word Hentai is used interchangeably with pornography. There is little distinction between sentences due to loose translation efforts over the decade. As such, hentai has been divided into two subcategories in the west and the east. If you look in hentai, the general genre will be divided into "softcore"Or"hardcore". The expression also covers the entire spectrum of pornography, regardless of content.

Hentai and video games

Today, it is customary to associate each manga with a video game in order to allow fans to continually relive the story it conveys. So, in the same dynamic, video games have been developed for most of the hentai available. For connoisseurs, these games are referred to by the name Eroge to mean in English “erotic game“. Another expression that is also widely used in the United States and not in Japan is hentai games (or H-Games). Obviously we can see that these games are also intended for a major audience.


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Hentai, morals and sex life: what are the impacts of this gear?

Considering the very large number of mangakas which inevitably deviate towards sexually oriented animes, one has to ask questions about the impact this could create. According to some experts, regular and diligent viewing of hentai videos is much more harmful than traditional porn itself. Indeed, the characters are in 2D or 3D for the most part. They are by no means real and thus distort the concept of pornography which is the production and distribution of sexual content. Purely imaginary characters and unreal can they have sex? This is the question that will have to be asked to face the facts. Likewise, the animated aspect of this kind of porn seems to exonerate the content which is quite different. The characters are sometimes taken from other famous manga (Naruto for example). A child will only tell the difference between an ordinary manga and a hentai when faced with purely sexual scenes. Unfortunately the damage will have been done.

Then, the stories conveyed by these videos are often inconsistent. We do not always understand the situations or contexts that push the characters to copulate. Is it the act of taking action without a real explanation or the role of each character that impresses fans? We cannot tell. Another point is that hentai have no limits. They deal with all themes or even taboo subjects that may offend morality. Certain reprehensible acts such as incest, pedophilia, rape, bestiality and many others are vulgarly highlighted. Isn't this a way of encouraging these practices? Of course, this could mislead several fans because we are moving away from the idea of ​​a real sexual relationship or a romantic relationship. On the other hand, hentai-type videos are an invitation to masturbation which, at a high frequency, could affect the genitals.

Altogether, the word hentai is of Japanese origin vulgarly used to refer to pornography. This is a misconception of the term which seems to mean something else entirely. Hentai videos are classified into several genres to meet all expectations. There are even video games inspired by these contents whose viewing is not without setbacks for the followers.


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