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L'Ahegao & Tumblr

A dark age has begun for Tumblr. As of today adult content is no longer allowed on the site. That's right: no breasts, no penis and certainly no nipples of female presentation.

In a post today, Tumblr announced that it will "begin to hide, not delete, posts that contain GIFs, videos and photos in public view that violate our policy." The site says it "will report more than adult content "over the" next few weeks, "and there is an appeal process for reported messages.
A quick visit to Tumblr reveals that the search terms and phrases of the NSFW are largely blocked on the site. For example, searches "BDSM","femdom","porn"And"girldick"don't work NSFW. However, some favorite labels have crossed the bar. Posts linked or tagged with "feederism"And"giantess"are still there, but there are no messages available for"Ahegao"among others ...

"I just tested a few labels NSFW Tumblr (all blocked, starting today) but, ironically, I found my first example of the infamous female nipple presenter on a Nazi label (not blocked) "

                                                    - Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Daily Dot editor

Adult content was an important part of Tumblr's appeal. A January 2017 study found that about 130 million Tumblr users out of 30 million respondents "consumed adult content "Either by sharing it again or by following the accounts of these producers," reports Motherboard. In addition, 40 million users, or 28%, accidentally saw pornography on the fact Tumblr in their dashboard, which means that there were relatively few degrees of separation between users of NSFW and SFW. Meanwhile, women aged 20 to 25 looked more often at the pornography than young men, suggesting that repression affects women more than any other group.

All this to say that adult content played a major role in the content ecosystem of Tumblr, that users came to the site for porn or not. Twitter responds to the ban in an incredibly expected way: create Memes mourning the "death" of Tumblr.

"Today is the day that Tumblr officially dies, ladies and gentlemen," tweeted RiseFallNick, Twitter user, together with a member Beavis and Butt-Head.

Then there is the Log Off Protest, a 24-hour boycott in which users of Tumblr leave the site to protest against the NSFW ban. In addition to posting their frustrations in the hashtags #tumblrlogoff and #logoffprotest, Tumblr users share many memes on Twitter criticizing the ban on adult content.

Sad news for theAhegao ...

Ahegao tumble prohibition of pornography and dickgirl

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