The Yiff: Furry trends & bonding with eroticism

You have surely come across this innocuous term on our Ahegao store which is "yiff". Here is an article to explain it to you.

What is the yiff?

The Yiff is a term for pornographic and erotic content from the furry community.. The present time is marked by phenomena out of the ordinary and which sometimes challenge the conscience. In terms of sex, for example, several original practices were born and are making many followers. It is therefore not uncommon for some people to experience a sexual attraction to a tree. Likewise, the yiff is a recent sexual practice of making love disguised as a plush toy. Did you know this new erotic trend? Otherwise, we have covered the matter in great detail in this article.

The yiff, what is it?

As unbelievable as it may sound, there is indeed a sexual tendency called “yiff“. But before looking at the name, what is this practice really? If you like to make love while being disguised in furry costumes, or if you are excited to do so, you are surely a fan of yiff. furries are known to be humanized animal characters that appear in cartoons. The yiff followers like to wear these plush costumes for their legs up in the air. The practice is really unusual and, moreover, is not very widespread across the world. It is therefore normal that you do not know anything about it and that you pout.

But when we talk about yiff, some people equate the phenomenon with bestiality. Except that in this case, it is not a question of “real animals” but only disguises. Indeed, the yiffing is Anglicism used to designate the sexual relationship between two furries. On the other hand, the yiff is the cry of the fox which gives its name to the practice. We therefore agree that we are talking about humans rather than animals when we refer to the yiff and that contrary to erroneous assumptions, those who love do it for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure.

The origin of the word: furry

Before coming to the end yiff, it is important to go back to the source, the birth of the phenomenon. The Furry fandom is a cultural movement, a social phenomenon bringing together all those interested in furry. This interest in imaginary, mythological and even anthropomorphic animals appeared in the mid-1980s. The characters (animals of all kinds) had the same faculties as men, which especially marked the minds of these fans who are great. children. Members of Furry fandom are called furs or furries. Here, the goal was to get together with fans to spend entertaining moments. It is for this reason that furry conventions are periodically organized to recreate this atmosphere, sometimes with strong media hype. However, if the cultural movement is rather well regarded, the yiff which is a sexual variant of it is not always so popular. It brings together a minority of furries, especially those who are addicted to felid or canine disguises. The sexual aspect that is put forward is the real problem of yiff followers which are chased by the other furries. Basically, there is therefore no confusion to be made between Fandom furry and yiff because the latter is a sexual practice.


With all this clarification, the question that arises is why become a follower of yiff ? What should push simple fans of anthropomorphic animals to mate with each other? Well, the first reason which justifies this fact is precisely the regrouping within the same community. Indeed, the Fandom furry is much more than just a social phenomenon. These are people who enjoy animals represented as cartoon characters. But beyond their tastes and preferences, it is an ideological current that is defended. What could be more normal than people of the same side attract?

Also, behind their beautiful disguises of nice animals, there are also people animated by a pure sexual desire. From where the second reason and the most common besides which would explain why two furries yiffent. Dressing up in animal costumes gives each of these fans an anonymous personality, especially as the partners often mingle without removing their masks. This anonymity can become very exciting; it adds vibrancy to this type of sexual practice. In addition, the fact of neither knowing nor seeing each other allows both partners to really let go.

Thus, releasing the pressure will only amplify the sensations during the act. It is more common to encounter monogamous yiffing that polygamous. In this condition, the practice is carried out only for the pleasure of each partner and this, by computer. It also often occurs as part of an advanced role play. Some followers claim that the yiff is the ideal practice to enjoy sexual pleasure without having a relationship, bond or attachment with the partner.

Is yiffing a common practice in furry?

The question deserves to be asked because even today, the practice is unknown in certain regions of the world. In the East, for example, if there is one, the yiff is not too widespread there. This is understandable since the cultural environment does not favor the development of such movements unless they have been seriously impacted by the media. However, with too much digitalization, it would be easier to find followers online. On the other hand, in Europe and the United States, the practice is downright all the rage. Here, the environment is favorable for the development of such practices. We also recognize the significant impact of Disney in the creation of Fandom furry through anthropomorphic animal characters. Likewise, many conventions are organized each year and bring together a large number of furries. Only, it is much more complicated to find a real yiff convention or a furry party. The easiest way is to turn to the internet where a targeted search allows you to find sites and forums that deal with the yiff.

A little vocabulary relating to erotic & poronographic furry

The word yiff is an onomatopoeic word coined by Foxen. Before taking on a purely sexual connotation, it was an interjection in the Fox language of Littlefox. The word has become so common that it can be used as an interjection, a verb (yiffer) or even an adjective (yiffy), etc. The yiff, used as a noun to refer to the urge to make plush lovemaking, also has several synonyms. We distinguish among others: furry sex, murrsuiting, peluchophilia, ursusagalmatophilia, to quote only those. There are also other words that may make it easier to find web pages dealing with yiff as a subject of pornography. Here are a few.

  • Enlarged genitals: this is a classic in the field. It is rather very common to see figures with huge organs; and it does not date from the internet.
  • Hypermusculature: it is also a classic where the characters have a perfectly cut body. This is noticed most of the time in the male characters who are excessively muscular, which adds to their charm. In female characters, this characteristic is noticed by a muscular body but also carrying very imposing attributes (breasts, buttocks, hip, tail, etc.).
  • Paws: Some characters have huge and sometimes tickled paws. If it is more about female characters, the legs are thin and delicate.
  • Inflation: this theme has nothing to do with notions of economics. Here, inflation refers to the phenomenon whereby a character swells and becomes abnormally and monstrously huge.
  • Gigantism: here, the character concerned is a super giant, the size of Godzilla whose role is to sow terror. Usually, this destructive character breaks and squashes everything in its path. It can even swallow people.
  • Transformation: this is one of the most common phenomena. An ordinary character, a human becomes furry. In some cases, the transformation may also relate to the change of sex.
  • Diapers: the highlighted character wears a diaper, whether adult or child. The associated scenes are varied: pedophilia, scatophilia and even sadomasochistic humiliation.
  • Vore: this word relates to scenes of ingestion, where one character is swallowed by another. The most important thing is to see the character smeared with saliva or being digested.
  • Gore: unlike vore, what is happening here is much more extensive. It is possible to see beheadings during the act, scenes of necrophilia as well as several other equally violent varieties.

With these different words, you have enough to research yiff content on the Internet.

The yiff and the porn

The furry universe in general and the yiff in particular have been picked up by the world of pornography. Anthropomorphic animal characters are now staged in explicit content dedicated to adults. This allows those who have retained their childish spirit not to detach themselves from these cartoons. Today there are many pornographic sites that only publish and broadcast pornographic yiff related videos. Likewise, certain variations in video games are increasing the audience.
If you are of legal age and want to discover pornographic images of yiff, we have prepared a link for you on a English-speaking site of yiff

In total, the yiff is a new sexual trend born from Furry fandom, a cultural movement bringing together fans of cartoons. It has enough followers all over the world especially with the phenomenon of “computer sex”.


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