Discover our collection of dakimakura from Waïfu and Husbando of more than 300 models

Le dakimakura is a japanese pillow with an anime character print all over the cover encompassing the cushion like art. Also called Body Pillow by Americans and Japanese it first became the emblem of weebs for what is called "hunging" (passionate hug) and since a very controversial otaku art. With the dakimakura pillow you will be able to choose your waifu among a multitude of animated and Japanese series such as My hero academia, High school DxD, Sailor Moon or Sword Art Online ...

If you are more Waïfu than Husbando you like, for example, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, you will be able to choose the pillow of your favorite heroine. For information, the back of a Japanese pillow is often the character in a naked sexy version or very erotic for the most carnal of you. If you want to know more you can read our article on "What is a dakimakura?".

Your delivery is of course free and under a pledge of confidentiality of your package because we know that this can be confusing for those around you. 😉

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