Dakimakura from France: What is a "Dakimakura" pillow?

The dakimakura is a Japanese pillow with mainly an anime character on the entire cover encompassing the pillow like art. Also called also Body Pillow by the Americans and the Japanese it first became the emblem of the weebs for what is called the "hunging" (passionate hug) and since a very controversial otaku art. With the dakimakura pillow you will be able to choose your waifu from a multitude of anime and Japanese series such as My hero academia, High school DxD, Sailor Moon or Sword Art Online. If you are also more feral than anthro and you like, for example, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, you can quite choose a dakimakura of the heroine. For information, the reverse side of a dakimakura anime is often the character in a sexy naked version or very erotic for the most carnal of you.


Body Pillow, Quality and Use

We have selected from our Japanese suppliers the most flexible quality that you can have for a dakimakura: with a "peach skin" texture reminiscent of the softness of a peach skin and not a rough fabric and a very soft pillow resembling the cloud by its voluptuousness you will soon fall asleep on your beloved Waifu or your valiant knight. 
For the sending of all our dakimakuras on our site: the delivery is of course offered and subject to confidentiality because we know that this can be confusing for those around you. For more information go to our FAQ. Once received, it's up to you to detail your creativity ...