Onahole High quality

The Onahole in Japanese commonly called masturbator in French (colloquially "vaginette" or "hole toys" in English) and allows a man as the name suggests to masturbate by tucking his penis into it to produce pleasure and thus have an orgasm afterwards.

New products straight out of Japan and perfect for manga or animated series sessions Hentai the onaholes are the pinnacle or the perfect weeb object to satisfy their little desire to be secretive. Depending on the input of the onahole chosen, it simulates a mouth, a vagina or even an anus to satisfy you all alone in long moments of pleasure. They can just as well be used in couple or alone and by a homosexual or heterosexual person but only by a person of male type (non-binary can also be).


The special onahole Ahegao.fr

Straight out of the Japanese origins our onaholes are healthy and designed to be resistant with their main plastic materials. Our packaging inspired by the ecchi video thumbnails on our boxes ofonahole are there to remind you of your favorite waifu or laifu for little pleasures from time to time ... 😏 

The Onahole will also be great for watching anime ecchi or Hthen and having at the same time dubious activities of course we will not explain what for sobriety. 

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