"Make money over 100 € / month by sharing a discount code!"

We have received a lot of requests from our customers et Ahegao fans on Instagram to become ambassador !

We offer you the posibility to help us in our quest for the ""propaganda"" of the'Ahegao and at the same time receive a commission for each assisted purchase!


Why become an ambassador?


If you like to feel valued in a large community of weeb and hentai fans while being rewarded with free products or commissions on forms of money (your choice) we suggest you create your partner account on our affiliate platform.

What you will gain by becoming a partner:
  • A discount code
  • The promotion of a community of fans
  • To share your enthusiasm with your entourage or your community
  • Earn commissions which can be withdrawn via paypal
  • Partner status validated by our Ahegao.fr team


What is needed to be validated


- Be at least 16 years old

- Have a Twitter account of at least 200 followers 

- Have an Instagram account of at least 5000 followers
- Mention us if possible on social networks


the official hashtag

Before you give the link to this said programaffiliated we recommend that you share your product posts Ahegao thanks to the hashtag #ahegaofr which will push our community to give you likes.

Also We may soon be doing contests on this hashtag #ahegaofr to win products ... it could be ...