Dakimakura Chino Kafū | Gochūmon wa usagi desu ka

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A Dakimakura Chino to offer and enjoy on the comforter!


🔃 Double Face Cover (Dressed and naked figure)
💓 Cushion XXL
🍑 Soft as skin
✅ Easy to put on your cushion
🀄 Printing of exceptional

No matter your sexuality: welcome to the world of waifus ! A dakimakura is an xxl rectangular size cushion for all types of hugs. Went out from the land of the rising sun the dakimakura has not finished melting you. All our collection of dakimakura comes mainly from China and Japan to satisfy the most Otaku. The textile that this cushion cover has is of good quality so it will resist more widely than an ordinary cover. As shown in these images of our covers: these are printed in better quality than a premium cover:
Dakimakura textile quality | Ahegao.fr

Dakimakura Chino Kafū

Chino Kafū is one of the main characters on both the manga and anime Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka. Chino is a kuudere and responsible girl who takes her work very seriously. She has a reserved and emotionless disposition, rarely smiling even when happy, and she speaks in a flat monotone voice with polite grammar. She gets annoyed when people treats her like a child due to being the youngest and shortest of the group, she acts far more maturely than her biological age, which is the reason why she had a hard time accepting Cocoa as a Big Sister figure at the start.

Erotic-Japanese fans love them! 💓

We have offered models from major brands. We will show to Hinachi to have them certified. We confirm that our products are of high quality and that is why we recommend taking them. If unfortunately you do not want to wear them you could reimburse you in which case the article concerned must be returned to us. Earn the right to receive a credit for your purchased product by posting your article in post and identifying us with our Instagram (@ahegaofr).

The cushion cover being sold separately we suggest you take with the bolster.

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