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A Dakimakura D.VA of your crush to offer and to kiss in your bed!


🔃 Double Face Cover (Dressed and naked figure)
💓 Cushion XXL
🍑 Soft as skin
✅ Easy to put on your cushion
🀄 Printing of exceptional

Whatever your eroticism: welcome to the world of japanese characters ! A dakimakura is an almost human-sized xxl cushion for all types of fantasies. Went out Japanese anime the dakimakura has not finished surprising you. All our selection of dakimakura comes specially from Asian countries like Japan to fill the best otakus. The fabric that this cushion cover has is of excellent quality so it will resist more clearly than a standard cover. As indicated by these pictures of our covers: these are printed in better quality than a classic cover:
Dakimakura textile quality | Ahegao.fr

Dakimakura D.VA

D.Va, whose real name is Hana Song, is a South Korean mecha pilot and former professional player from Busan. She piloted a combat mecha armed with two fusion cannons, weapons resembling hunting rifles that did not require ammunition or reload time. His mecha is equipped with rocket boosters for short flight salvos, as well as a defense matrix which allows him to fire enemy projectiles in the air. It can also fire a volley of micro-missiles that do splash damage on impact. D.Va's ultimate ability, self-destruct, overloads and detonates his mechanic, inflicting massive damage to all enemies within a huge radius within sight. If its mecha is destroyed (by its ultimate or in combat), it ejects and continues to fight on foot, armed with a light pistol of medium range, until its mec can be summoned again.

Japanese fans love them! 💓

We have offered models from major brands. We will present to Belle Delphine to have them approved. We believe that our products are of high quality and that is why we recommend taking them. If on the other hand you do not want to wear them you could take them back so that the order concerned must be returned to us. Try to receive a credit for your purchased order by tweeting your product in the post and mentioning us with our Instagram (@ahegaofr).

The cushion cover being sold separately we advise you to take with the bolster.

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