Dakimakura Eli Ayase | Love Live! School Idol Project

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A Waïfu Eli Ayase Dakimakura to offer and enjoy under your desk!


🔃 Double Face Cover (Dressed and naked figure)
💓 Cushion XXL
🍑 Soft as skin
✅ Easy to put on your cushion
🀄 Printing of exceptional

Whatever your sexual attraction: welcome to the world of waifus ! A dakimakura is a very large cushion in human form for all types of fantasies. From from Japan the dakimakura has not finished to amaze you. All our dakimakura catalog comes mainly from China and Japan to satisfy the enthusiastic otakus. The fabric of this cushion cover is of good quality so it will last more clearly than a poor cover. As these images of our covers prove: these are printed in better quality than a standard cover:
Dakimakura textile quality | Ahegao.fr

Dakimakura Eli Ayase

Eli is partly Russian due to his grandmother. Therefore, she is known to pronounce the Russian word ""орошо". (pronounced as "Harasho"), which means "Good" or "Ok". Eli says it for the first time in season 1, episode 10, when Umi Sonoda was woken up by the girls' pillow fight and threw "supersonic pillows" in her rage.

Erotic-Japanese fans love them! 💓

We had undertaken to show models of the ahegao. We will show to Hinachi to have them confirmed. We believe that our products are of good quality and it is therefore that we ask you to take them. If, on the other hand, you do not want to keep them, you can reimburse them, which is why the product concerned must be sent to us again. Try to receive a credit for your purchased item by posting your order in the photo and identifying us with our Instagram (@ahegaofr).

The cushion cover being sold separately we suggest you take with the bolster.

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