Dakimakura Hanekawa Tsubasa Neko-girl | Bakemonogatari

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A Hanekawa Tsubasa Dakimakura to offer and kiss on the comforter!


🔃 Double Face Cover (Dressed and naked figure)
💓 Cushion XXL
🍑 Soft as skin
✅ Easy to put on your cushion
🀄 Printing of exceptional

No matter your gender: welcome to the world of japanese characters ! A dakimakura is a large cushion in human form for all types of fantasies. Native from Japan the dakimakura has not finished to amaze you. All our variety of dakimakura comes mainly from Asian countries to satisfy the devout otakus. The fabric of this cushion cover is of excellent quality so it will last longer than a poor cover. As shown in these pictures of our covers: these are printed in better quality than a standard cover:
Dakimakura textile quality | Ahegao.fr

Dakimakura Hanekawa Tsubasa

Tsubasa Hanekawa is the classmate of Koyomi Araragi, a close friend and class representative at the private high school in Naoetsu. She is known at school as a gifted and model student who is admired by many. However, his academic results and his amiable personality hide a tense family life, caused by unfortunate circumstances. She was bewitched by an oddity on the first day of Golden Week, giving birth to her "alternative self" called Black Hanekawa, and was for a time responsible for a series of attacks against various people in town.

Erotic-Japanese fans love them! 💓

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The cushion cover being sold as a single piece we advise you to also choose with the bolster.

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