Dakimakura Joan of Arc Alter and Normal from Fate apocrypha


A Jeanne d'Arc Dakimakura to offer you and to hug in your bed!

  • 🔃 Double-sided cover (Dressed and naked character)
  • 💓 XXL cushion
  • 🍑 Soft as skin 
  • ✅ Easy to put on your cushion
  • 🀄 Quality printing 

The avenger's real name is Jeanne D'Arc (Alter), also known as Jeanne Alter, the modified version of Joan of Arc. Although she is referred to as Alter, that doesn't mean she's a different aspect of Joan of Arc. A Joan of vengeance that Gilles de Rais, the marshal of the French army who mourned the death of Joan of Arc, fabricated with the Holy Grail shortly after Joan's execution in 1431. As aheroic spirit, unlike Joan itself, it manifests itself in the class of avengers.

The cushion cover being sold separately we suggest you take with the cushion .

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