Dakimakura Luffy and Zorro from One Piece

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A Japanese Dakimakura Luffy and Zorro to offer and cuddle in your bed!

Luffy is the son of the revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon, the grandson of Marine hero Monkey D. Garp, the sworn brother of the late "Fire Fist" Portgas D. Ace and Revolutionary Chief of Staff Sabo, and the adopted son of Curly Dadan. He was the first member to join the crew, and is considered one of the trio's three monsters alongside Luffy et Sanji. His fame as a master swordsman and great strength, along with the actions of his captain, has sometimes led others to believe that he was the true captain of the crew before he got his first bounty.

The cushion cover being sold individually we suggest you select with the cushion .



🔃 Double-sided cover (Dressed and naked character)
💓 Cushion XXL
🍑 Soft as skin 
✅ Easy to put on your cushion
🀄 Printing of exceptional

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