Dakimakura Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin


A Japanese dakimakura to offer you and to tighten on the duvet!

  • 🔃 Double-sided cover (Dressed and naked character)
  • 💓 XXL cushion
  • 🍑 Soft as skin 
  • ✅ Easy to put on your cushion
  • 🀄 Quality printing 

Mikasa is a strong and characterful young woman and Eren's adopted sister. Muscular with a chest protruding she will know how to give you a strong hug. She is part of a small committee of the exploration battalion which Eren and killed Annie who became Titan in the last arc of the series. A strong xxl cushion of temperament if it is your Waifu.

The cushion cover being sold as a single piece we advise you to compile it with the bolster.

Dakimakura textile quality | Ahegao.fr

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