Dakimakura Rem Uniform of Re: Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu


A Dakimakura Rem the twin sister of Ram

  • 🔃 Double-sided cover (Dressed and naked character)
  • 💓 XXL cushion
  • 🍑 Soft as skin 
  • ✅ Easy to put on your cushion
  • 🀄 Quality printing 

Rem, one of the twins demonic who work as servants at the manor of Roswaal, is Ram's younger sister. She has blue hair which she wears parted on the left, and still has a full horn, which grants her magical power. She works at the mansion, although she knows how to cook better than her sister. She had an inferiority complex towards her sister. Bearer of an intense hatred for the cult of the witch, Rem first accused Subaru to have the scent of the witch, which resulted in her killing it twice. After Subaru rescues her from the forest monstersElior, thus becoming his "hero", Rem dismisses his suspicions and falls deeply in love with him, and even when he rejects her in favor ofEmilia, she always becomes one of his most loyal followers.

The cushion cover being sold as a single piece we suggest that you compile it with the bolster.

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