Dakimakura Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita


A quality Dakimakura Tomoe

  • 🔃 Double-sided cover (Dressed and naked character)
  • 💓 XXL cushion
  • 🍑 Soft as skin 
  • ✅ Easy to put on your cushion
  • 🀄 Quality printing 

When a helpless maiden named Nanami shows up on the doorstep of the sanctuary bearing the mark of the lost god, Tomoe is furious. He refuses to become his familiar and disappears, deciding instead to indulge a life of laziness, drink and debauchery. However, in the world "over there", things rarely go as planned, and out of desperation and intelligence. Tomoe slowly starting to fall in love with Nanami and he still wants her to hold his hand, to walk everywhere with him and to talk to herself. 

The cushion cover being sold as a single piece we advise you to take with the bolster.

Dakimakura textile quality | Ahegao.fr

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