Onahole ginza


Onahole ginza

A Waifu de Ginza from Japan putting on her full bra has only one need: to satisfy you with what she has between her thighs ... Will you be satisfied with her experience? Its ergonomics will allow you to catch your member pleasantly and in complete comfort with a little lubricant to fluidify your movement and thus make you happy.

    • Resistant to any eventuality ...
    • Instant pleasure guaranteed
    • Realistic sensations
    • Item from Japan
    • Discreet package

    Characteristics of Onahole

    Name: Ginza
    Weight: g 260
    Size: 15 x 6 cm
    Interior: Vaginal Penetration

    Remember to add a little lubricant inside your onahole to allow better penetration.

    You will surely appreciate: