Onahole Maig Rouge Passion


Onahole Maig Rouge Passion

This passionate red onahole will make you feel hot little pleasures while filling you with memories and flavors of waifu and ecchi anime. Its transparent red color of this onahole is not trivial since it is one of the three models of superior vagina allowing you to have a different pleasure according to its color. Orgasm Guaranteed!

    • Resistant to any eventuality ...
    • Soft and supple materials
    • Realistic sensations
    • Item from Japan
    • Discreet package

    Features of Onahole:

    Type: Skinny Sensation
    Weight: g 280
    Size: 18 x 7.8 cm
    Color: Transparent red
    Interior: Soft resembling human skin

    Remember to add a little lubricant inside your onahole to allow better penetration.
    You will surely appreciate: