Pack of 70 Waïfu Stickers


Discover 70 Waïfu Stickers to stick everywhere!

Our 70 Stickers Waifu  trends are of a print quality higher than the average of classic stickers. This Pack of 70 Waïfu Stickers has many applications for your notebook or your furniture. So you can show the love you have forAhegao ... the stickers include a simple sticky face protected by a pre-cut film for a simple and smudge-free application no need for glue or tape: the application is immediate!

Uses Stickers

His Stickers relaxed are from small / medium sizes and are printed to stick them on basic surfaces. Do not try to stick them on women's clothing ( male of course) ... Maybe on gloves or boots. 😉


Ahegao articles to combine

These stickers can go very well with one of our t-shirts latest trends, hoodies, ... or even lingerie! Prefer not to associate with a striped t-shirt, jeans or a polo but rather with a casual look on a cap for example or simply to stick on the doors of your dressing room ready to wear.

Random stickers can therefore be of any size and size (but are generally small). So if you are lucky you will find your tender Waifu and loved ... or your Laifu ! 😘

You will surely appreciate: