Women's Electric Pastel Toga Sweater

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A romantic and warm sweater at the same time!

Brand new sweaters came from the ahegao universe on our shop and are only reserved for young ladies 💋.

✅ Keep warm in winter

✅ Light

✅Perfect for a Netflix and chill

ExclusiveExclusive pastel color

If you are a young man: the sweaters here are for women unless you are there to wear a gift for your girlfriend,

A sweater relaxed to go out on a date and show the world who is the queen of fashion animated .

Their weaving made from cotton and various elements his sweaters are made to be sturdy while taking body heat so we suggest you do not dress them during hot weather that goes without saying.

The previous collection being too old-fashioned we chose to touch it up so that it is stylish .

The prints are made by artists and specially adapted to enhance their colors douces . To avoid the risk of allergies we recommend washing it once in the machine.

This gallery of long sleeve sweatshirt is specially brought to you by our brand Ahegao.fr.

The sweaters themselves are also suitable for generation y and z people that people between 20 and 35 years old.

You will find the heights and widths of his sweaters at the bottom.

Pull: Uses

The sweaters of our brand are designed to go with any pants but will suit even more with a coat to stick with your wardrobe.

It is a sublime gift to offer to a trans woman .

Wear this sublime sweater during your lovemaking for become the queen of the ahegao . Subtle this sweater will allow you to really know who know the ancestral erotic art of japan without your parents being aware of your perversion.

Earn the right to get reimbursed your patented purchased by publishing your patented in photo and identifying us with our instagram / twitter (@ahegaofr).

Size guides: Ahegao women's sweater | Ahegao.fr

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