Woman's Pastel Toga Machiavellian Knife Sweater

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An erotic and comfortable sweater at the same time!

Warm sweaters have landed on our store and are only reserved for young ladies 😜.

✅ Keep warm in winter

✅ Comfortable

✅ Perfect for a “Hentai with senpai”

✅Unique pastel color

If you are a male person: the sweaters here are for women unless you are there to wear a gift for your best friend ,

A sweater about us to go out for a pajama party and show your boyfriend (s) who is the queen of fashion ahegao

Their consistency created from cotton and polyester his sweaters are made to be durable while taking the heat that is why suggest not to wear them during heat waves it goes without saying. 

The previous collection being too outdated we have chosen to refine it so that it is superior to the old


The designs are made by creators and specially made to complement their colors immaculate. For a first use we advise you to wash it once in a washing machine.

This collection of products you are only by our brand Ahegao.fr.

The sweaters themselves will also go well with teenagers than older people.

You will find the widths & lengths of its articles at the bottom.


Pull: Uses 

Our long-sleeved sweaters are made to go with any jackets but will be much better with a skirt to stick perfectly to what is modern. 

It's an adorable birthday gift to offer a fan of the Ahegao.fr brand

Wear this magnificent sweater during your fireside evenings to become the queen of Gesugao . Subtle this sweater will allow you to really know who know the ancestral erotic art of japan without your family being informed of your malice. 


Earn the right to receive a credit for your patented purchased by publishing your patented in post and identifying us with our instagram / twitter (@ahegaofr). 


Size guides: Ahegao women's sweater | Ahegao.fr

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